Sales and marketing for hotels

The good and effective marketing plan is the first step to successful operation of every business in travel and tourism sector. Setting clear and achievable goals, monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the marketing and sales strategy for hotels are just small part of the plan. We can offer you help in creating:

  • Marketing strategies and marketing research to help you win competitive advantage and leadership.
  • Ad Campaigns – creating and planning advertising campaigns with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, traditional ads, etc.
  • Market research and analysis in order to serve as a base for creating an effective marketing strategy for your business.
  • Brand management – building and maintaining brand awareness and brand loyalty, creating an overall positive brand image.
  • Pricing – we can help you decide and manage your price tariffs of the services you offer in all distribution channels you manage – website, online travel agencies, travel agencies, etc.
  • Product policy and market positioning – develop a comprehensive marketing and management plan when creating new products and services along with their further promotion.
  • Revenue management, budgeting and creating monthly and annual reports.
  • Trade negotiations and international cooperation – preparation and conducting of business meetings and negotiations, building strategic partnerships.
  • Online and offline distribution channels management – analysis and management of every booking channel such as website,,, etc.

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