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Tips for your Hotel Facebook Page

Untitled design(150)

Untitled design(150)

When you own a hotel and you are trying to promote it on Facebook, there are several types of customers that you are after:

  1. Those that are looking for a room and find your hotel

You need to make your page as reliable as possible. You need to convince the people they can trust you. In order to do that you should show them that everybody loves you.

-Collect as many followers as possible. You can do that by creating “share” competitions, “like our page” games, lotteries. When you add a cool prize, you would be surprised how willing people are to give their likes and shares.

-Earn the “Very responsive to messages”. You can easily do that by simply replying as soon as possible. But you cannot just hire someone to stand there and watch over your messages 24/7. What you can do, however, is to set an automatic reply to your messages. Facebook gives you the amazing option to customize your replies anyway you like. You can even set it to automatically add the name of the person who is writing to you.


  1. Those who have already been in your hotel and followed your page afterwards

You are going to want to make those come back. Remind them of the good time they had with your posts. Engage them by asking them questions. Post videos. You can make sure that you reach them with your publications by using the “Reach” or “Engagement” objectives for your ads.  The more time they spend looking at your posts, the more you make them think of you.


  1. Those who are planning to come to your hotel eventually, heard about you from friends, or just like the things you are posting

The more of those you have, the better. Use the “Page promotion” option to collect fans. Facebook has amazingly augmented customization of audience for ads. When you are trying to attract new and potential clients, the “Lookalike audience” option is a perfect choice. Facebook uses information from the people who are already your fans and shows your ad to people who are friends with them, have similar interests or a near location.

There are various ways to use the tools of Facebook to attract clients for your hotel. However, beware that social media marketing is a tricky business! Facebook keeps changing their algorithms every day. Don’t run the same ads for too long. Post various content. Most importantly, keep analyzing your results and learn what works best for you. If you need any help doing that you can turn to us. We would be more than happy to help you or offer you partnership.

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When you own a hotel and you are trying to promote it on Facebook, there are several types of customers that you are after: Those…

How to grab a tourist’s attention with one publication


Where do we publish?

Thanks to the technological advance of our time, we can reach the tourist in about a million ways. The best and most efficient of them, however, is the social media! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter alone, are being used by more than 2/3 of your potential tourism clientele.

How do we publish?

Creating a business profile and uploading some random information, however, is not by any means the end of it. In order to publish effectively, you need to be consistent, rapid and vivid! It is not only about getting the tourist’s attention with information, but also about showing them positive attitude. With our words we should not only show them affability but also respect. It is always a good idea to attract feedback.

What do we publish?

Text and vision are the two main components when it comes to creating publications. The text should be short and the meaning clear. You don’t want to confuse the reader or risk sending a wrong message. At the same time the information you give should be engaging. As for the visual material, it is essential to make it attention worthy. Whether it is a picture, collage, gif or a video you should be careful about colors and quality. Also, make sure that it is completely related to the verbal part of the publication.

When do we publish?

Even if we succeed to make the perfect publications it won’t do us any good without proper timing. It is important to be consistent. We should take notice of our posts’ engagement, thus, draw conclusions as to what is the best time of the day for us to publish. To do that we can use various kinds of instruments.

In case you are looking for professional perspective and help with your social media business accounts do not hesitate to contact us!

Where do we publish? Thanks to the technological advance of our time, we can reach the tourist in about a million ways. The best and…

5 tips for effective email marketing in the travel industry

5 доказани съвета за ефективен имейл маркетинг в туризма

5 доказани съвета за ефективен имейл маркетинг в туризма

Nowadays there are many tools and channels for online marketing in the travel and tourism industry – from the compulsory social networks and platforms for online reviews to paid advertising websites, etc. Amid all of them the email marketing can remain in the background but it shouldn’t be.

Email marketing for hotels, restaurants and travel agencies is one of the most effective mechanisms for attracting new and retaining regular customers, for brand promotion and increasing direct sales.

That’s why we are going to show you the following 5 tips for effective email marketing in the travel industry:

1. Increase your email subscribers organically

For a successful online marketing in the travel industry it is important to target our message to the right customers. With email marketing this can be achieved by increasing our subscribers only organically, i.e. with real, interested in travelling people.

The voluntary obtained email address ensures that we are communicating with the right person. In order to stimulate our guests to leave their emails we can add the necessary plugin on our website, to put a place for emails on our surveys in the hotel rooms or to ask for them during check out. That way every guest interested in our offers can be added to the list.

2. Create and follow an email marketing schedule

The effective email marketing in the travel or related industry is the consistent one. Our strategy should follow a certain time frames and regularity. All that can be done with the help of an email marketing schedule.

That is necessary for every hotelier because if we send emails too often we will be annoying. If we do it too rarely, our clients will forget about us. That’s why we should examine how often and when we should send email newsletters. All that depends on our online marketing plan and the content and goals of the emails.

3. Use email automation

The good thing about online marketing tools is that many of them can be automated. We have this option with email marketing, too. There are compulsory emails which every subscriber should receive but we can’t send manually every time.  Here comes the role of the automated emails – for new subscription, a week before check-in, after check-out, weekly newsletters, periodic special offers, etc.

4. Use personalized massage

In order to create a real bond with the email subscribers and to win their trust we should personalize our messages as much as possible. We can also divide our contacts in different groups – loyal customers, potential customers, business travellers and others. That way we can target our emails more successfully.

5. Optimize for mobile phones

Many people nowadays check their emails on the go with their smartphones. That’s why it is essential to optimize our content for mobile devices. Many platforms for email newsletters offer optimized email templates we can use. It is also good to avoid large images and long paragraphs, to use simple and short sentences and appropriate font.

Travel Mind specializes in online marketing strategies including email marketing. If you need help creating a successful online presence, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nowadays there are many tools and channels for online marketing in the travel and tourism industry – from the compulsory social networks and platforms for…




It is not easy to be on many places at the same time. But that’s what Internet makes us to do – to be everywhere, anytime, always available to our clients when they need us. Maintaining a good online presence is a challenge especially for small hoteliers who have to deal with many things simultaneously.

In order to keep our online presence effective and to attract more hotel guests through Internet, we should avoid the following 3 common online mistakes of small hoteliers.

MISTAKE #1: The customer can’t find you

As a manager of small hotel we can’t expect our clients to find us if we are not where they are looking for. First, we must link our business in the main online directories for local searches such as Google Local and Facebook, too.

Second, our hotel should be on at least the most popular online travel agencies (such as and meta-search engines (such as TripAdvisor). This not only gives authority to our hotel but is a huge place to reach travellers who spend hours searching the best deal on those websites.

MISTAKE #2: You are not active online

The only bigger mistake than not being online is to be online but not actively – i.e. not to update our accounts or answer to user’s questions and queries. It is really important to be active and post regularly new information for our hotel online.

The regular update of the strategy for online marketing of our small hotel is crucial for our success. We should monitor our competitors strategies and to be better than them, to post on schedule and to update the hotel’s information on the web.

MISTAKE #3: You don’t manage your online reputation

Many online platforms let our guests to leave an honest feedback and reviews. It is important to monitor those online opinions and to show our guests that we care what they think of us by responding fast and appropriately.

When we have a positive feedback we should thank the user, appreciate his or her opinion and time and invite them over again. When we have a negative feedback we should stay calm, apologize for the inconvenience and to compensate the guest if needed. Our answers will show how we treat our guests and they can be seen by future potential customers anytime.

The strong online presence will increase the brand awareness of your small hotel and will bring many new reservations. We know how busy can be a hotelier but investing in your web presence you invest in the future of your hotel business.

Travel Mind can help you create and maintain social media profiles, listing your small hotel in online directories, optimize your website for search engines and everything else you need for an effective online presence! Get in touch!

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It is not easy to be on many places at the same time. But that’s what Internet makes us to do – to be everywhere,…

What should you know about successful SEO for hotels



Almost every trip now begins in the Internet – in searching a new destination, buying tickets or looking for the best hotel… Usually people go on Google and expect to find the best offer in the first search results. If we don’t have a good SEO strategy it is very unlikely our hotel’s website to appear on the first page of search engines. That’s why we need to work hard to get there.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of good marketing and technical tools and practices for improving the visibility of a webpage on the organic search engine results. The goal is to get more website traffic, more bookings and, hence, more revenue.

Unlike paid search results, organic SEO has long-term results which are probably not going to be noticed immediately. However, they are extremely helpful if SEO is done permanently.

Search engine optimization can be considered as a combination of several different elements – from on-page optimization, off-page optimization to technical characteristics.

It is important to know that search engines index all web pages and rank them in the search results according to the certain criteria. The role of SEO is to make sure that a website meets these criteria as much as possible. Of course, people can only meet part of these criteria to help the website visibility but it’s still better than not doing anything.

What are the elements of a good SEO?

Among the main elements of search engine optimization is the use of the keywords we want to be found in the search engines. Another criterion is the use of unique, useful and update content in our website.

Maintaining a blog on the hotel’s website is one of the best ways to do that and bring our site higher on the search results on the Internet.

The use of internal links to other useful pages on our website, and external links – those that lead to our website from third parties websites, are also an important factor for the food SEO.

On the other hand, social networks have indirect effect on the search engine optimization for hotels. If we know how to engage users in those platforms we can attract higher traffic to our website which is also very good for SEO.

Local SEO is extremely important for the travel industry. This is basically the more personalized search engine results according to a specific location. This can be done by creating a page on Google Places which can also connect to Google+ profile. The advantages of Google+ presence are many, most importantly because the account is connected to all the other Google services.

There is no doubt that the organic SEO is an important element of the hotel’s online presence. The improvement of the visibility in search engines is going to bring more website traffic, more bookings and more guests and revenue.

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Almost every trip now begins in the Internet – in searching a new destination, buying tickets or looking for the best hotel… Usually people go…

Online marketing for travel agencies: What is required?

онлайн маркетинг за агенции

онлайн маркетинг за агенции

Digital communications are growing with a really fast pace nowadays and the shift from traditional marketing to online marketing is already a fact. Travel industry is also affected by this trend as any other industry.

In order to learn how to take advantage of the digital world we are going to look the required elements of the online marketing strategy for travel agencies.

First of all we should know that any successful and effective marketing strategy needs a good planning. The most important thing to start with is always the targeting or creating the main focus groups for our business. To reach the right customer is a challenge but if we know who we are trying to attract, we can plan our next steps easier.

And here are the mandatory elements of the online marketing for travel agencies:


We told many times that social networks are one of the best tools to reach and connect with our clients and Facebook is the best place to start with. Zuckerburg’s social platform allows us to connect with a lot more people than before the Internet boomed. Furthermore, Facebook gives us a space to share content, strong targeting ads and any information about our travel agency.


Everyone turns to Google when planning a new trip. That’s why advertising in the search engine is great and effective way to reach more potential customers who are looking for ideas for their upcoming trip. Google offers good advertising opportunity where we pay for the real clicks or impressions. This makes it a very reliable and measurable distribution channel.


If you haven’t heard yet, content is king. It is one of the most important elements of today’s digital marketing strategy for any travel business whether an agency, hotel or restaurant. Creating a good and relevant content can attract more visitors to our website and hence – more bookings. Maintaining a blog on our website can be a great SEO addition and organic advertisement to our travel agency.


Email marketing is not dead. It is still one of the most effective tools of every online marketing strategy, especially for travel agencies. Collecting email contacts of prospective customers and sending regular and targeted email newsletters allow us to create a brand awareness and loyalty and to make more sales.


Remarketing is basically showing an ad of our travel agency to online users who already visited our website once before. Those users already showed interest in our packages. They only need a little more convincing to make a purchase decision. This can be done with the remarketing tools and principles.

So these are the main elements of every travel agency’s online marketing strategy. The website and online reviews are also very important for the successful and effective online presence. The nice website will hold users online, and the positive feedbacks will improve our online reputation. All of the elements, of course, should be managed together, as a whole.

Travel Mind can help you on every stage of creating an online marketing strategy for your travel agency. Check out our services and get in touch!

Digital communications are growing with a really fast pace nowadays and the shift from traditional marketing to online marketing is already a fact. Travel industry…

How to turn our hotel’s guests into loyal customers

Как да превърнем гостите си в редовни посетители

Как да превърнем гостите си в редовни посетители

In today’s digital world customer behavior is changing extremely fast. This largely influence the travel and tourism industry which try to get more and more reservations. Thanks to the rapid growth of the online travel agencies, review websites, forums and blogs, travellers are more informed than ever and spend way more time searching the best deal and the best hotel before booking. The loyalty to a certain brand is fading because customers look for the best offer and it’s not hard for them to find it.

That’s why the task of today’s hoteliers to turn their guests into loyal customers is becoming even more difficult. Loyalty programs are not what they used to be because of the development of the Internet and new technologies. Nowadays the emphasis is on the web focus of these programs.


The core, however, is always the proper customer targeting. It is extremely important to differ the different types of hotel’s guests and to create a strategy tailored to their specific needs. The creation of email list of our visitors and its proper management is also an important part of increasing the loyalty and the marketing effect.

There are also some other key rules which might guarantee us more successful relationships with our hotel’s guests.


For our hotel’s loyalty program to be efficient it needs to be personalized. In order to get more bookings, our strategy towards different types of guests should be different. We can’t use the same ‘special deal’ to tourists from Germany and the one from Russia, for instance. We should shape our deals and packages according to our different targeting groups which we determined in advance. Those groups might be family tourists, business tourists, groups, foreign tourists, etc.

Then we can analyze customer’s behavior among the different groups and to offer them exactly what they need. To the family traveller we can send special deal with free tickets to the nearby aquapark for the whole family. The business tourist can get free wine or transfer to the airport.


In order to attract loyal customers and create a working hotel’s loyalty program we need to make it understandable. Sometimes loyalty programs in tourism are too complicated and customers just don’t want to get involve with something they are not sure they understand. The idea is to make our guests to understand the advantages very easy and second – to see the result right now.

We can say that leaving their email address they are automatically getting 20% discount on their next booking or, even better, a free night in our hotel. In that case, in their mind, they will know that they have an arrangement with us. The next time they visit town, they will automatically remember to collect their “prize”. Meanwhile they are already on our email list and hotel’s loyalty program and we can send them all kind of tailored offers.

Easy to access

We can easily attract new customers to our hotel’s loyalty program if we distribute the news in different channels and make the access very easy. Maybe a landing page on our website or button on our social network channels. If we get their email we are a step away from getting them into our hotel.

For the successful loyalty program it is important not only to create the initial idea and strategy. We have to implement some sort of software into our plan such as email marketing software, CRM or other technology. It is also very important to monitor and measure the performance of the hotel’s loyalty program. If something is not working, we have to change it in time.

We wish you good luck with your loyalty program! If you need help creating and developing one, our team can help you! Contact us at

In today’s digital world customer behavior is changing extremely fast. This largely influence the travel and tourism industry which try to get more and more reservations. Thanks…

Why every hotel should have a blog



Today most of the people go to Internet to search information and ideas for their next trip, to compare deals and to make a decision where to stay and what to do. One of the best ways to attract online users to our website and hence to our hotel is to take control over our online presence by starting a hotel’s blog. 

The investment in this marketing tool is a great way to share news about the hotel, to promote new packages, to show nearby attractions, give ideas and tips for travellers. It is important to have a blog and here are the main advantages of starting one:

Maintaining a hotel’s blog has a strong PR effect. By showing the hotel in another perspective and giving emotion to users we can stand out from our competitors.

The good blog not only keep the website fresh but let us improve our online presence in any way. Regular posting of interesting and useful content in the hotel’s blog gives good impression to users and allow us to reach more website visitors and potential guests.

The most important advantage of hotel’s blog is the good SEO (Search Engine Optimization), i.e. improving our ranking in search engines – the ones who travellers use all the time to search for trip information and ideas. Google gives priority to new and useful content and show these pages higher in the search results. Regular posting on our hotel’s blog increase our chances to reach the first page of Google for a given keyword. That way more and more potential guests will fins our hotel’s website through our blog when they search for travel info.

Another facts is that people who are looking for place to stay most of the time are interested in the things they can do during their stay. If we give them information and ideas for that it is more likely they choose us instead of our competitors. That way we build a trust in the brand. Articles for local restaurants, theaters or other interesting places and attractions will generate higher traffic to our website and will increase our chance for more visitors.

If you need help setting up your hotel’s blog, contact us and we can help you develop a successful content marketing strategy!

Today most of the people go to Internet to search information and ideas for their next trip, to compare deals and to make a decision…

5 ways to improve our hotel’s online reputation

online reviews

online reviews

Hotel’s online reputation is one of the most important marketing tools in hospitality. It represents the the performance of our brand in the eyes of the people. Today, everybody can share their opinion, review, suggestions and experiences in different websites and even in social media. Hospitality industry is most affected by this trend because people in all ages plan their future trip after thorough online research.

According to TripAdvisor’s study 93% of travellers consider online reviews as determining factor when booking a hotel. Without a doubt, positive online reputation will bring more visitors and more income. That’s why it is extremely important to monitor what our guests are saying about our hotel in popular review websites, online travel agencies and social media websites.

Here are the following 5 ways to improve our hotel’s online reputation:

1.     Survey on tablet on reception

This is maybe one of the easiest and most effective way to encourage our guests to review their stay. Placing a tablet on the reception desk with survey questions saves time and effort for the visitors and for us. The feedback is real-time and we can react whenever there is a problem before the guest leaves our hotel and that way – change their opinion.

There are a few softwares that can make that happen:

  • SurveyOnTablet which allow customers to give their feedback, to share problems and general opinion in real time by completing a personalized questionnaire the results of which we can use on our site.
  • or with Reputize – allow your guests to complete a survey which can be uploaded directly to one of the biggest online review websites – Holidaycheck, and that way improve your overall online reputation.

2.     QR code in the room

We can ask for our guest’s opinion any time during their stay by placing  QR code in the hotel room, in the elevator, in the restaurant or other key spot. That way they can scan it with their smartphone and give us their feedback.

3.    Friendly reminder on reception

One other way to encourage our happy guests to share their positive review online is by kindly asking them to do so when they check out. We can ask our receptionists to ask all our leaving guests to visit online review websites and leave their feedback.

4.    Email notification

Another way to increase our online reputation is to send emails to every guests up to 24 hours after their check out. The body of the email may consist of direct links to TripAdvisor, Holidaychek or other websites and a friendly reminder to leave their feedback.

5.    When singing into the hotel’s Wi-Fi network

In many countries in order to connect the free Wi-Fi network you have to do some actions such as tag in Facebook, share something, follow some account or other. We may ask our guests to leave a review about the hotel in order to connect to the free internet. That way they won’t have another choice but leave a review. But keep in mind that some visitors may find this offensive and give them a negative impression which might resonate in the review.

Managing our hotel’s online reputation is long term process which consists not only of encouraging people to share reviews and opinions. The goal is to get a real feedback which is important to understand and improve the guests experience in our hotel. But without a doubt more positive reviews will bring us more visitors.

Hotel’s online reputation is one of the most important marketing tools in hospitality. It represents the the performance of our brand in the eyes of the…

Who are the Millennial travelers and why we need them in our hotel

Millennials and hotels

Millennials and hotels

You’ve probably already noticed the new generation travelers – for them the internet connection is more important than the hotel room, they use their smartphones while waiting in the lobby instead of reading a newspaper or their MacBook on lunch. That is the so called Generation Y, or also known as the Millennial generation, which form the shape of the new tourist.

Millenials are born between 1980 and 2000, they have new requirements to hotels, travel more and are connected to the internet in any way. It is expected that this generation will exceed the babyboomers by 2030 and will become the main target group for hoteliers all over the world. The specific characteristics of these tourists require a new approach in order to attract their attention and loyalty.

Millennial travelers are important group for our hotel because they are constantly connected to internet and love to share their experience mostly online. They tag themselves and share pictures on Facebook, write reviews and influence other people in general. This makes them great brand ambassadors. Furthermore, Millennial travelers are our ideal group of guests for online and last-minute offers.

Many hoteliers are trying to figure out Millennials and their needs. The key to finding that out is to look at their main characteristics:

First, the Millennial generation is growing up in a technologically developed world where travel and communication go hand by hand and are easier than ever before. While traveling, whether for business or leisure, they are always connected with internet, use their mobile devices and always expect easy access to any kind of information they are looking for.

They also know very well how to find the best price/quality offer there is. Millennials want to make sure that they get the maximum out of their vacation, that’s why they do extensive internet research and compare prices in order to find the best deals.

Tourists from generation Y are highly influenced by online reviews from previous guests. They can smell the paid advertisement from miles and they want to hear about authentic experiences. What other are saying about our hotels, our online reputation, is our most powerful tool to attract Millennials.
This new generation use social media regularly for sharing experiences or looking for travel inspiration, brand information, deals. ComScore research points out that 91% of Millennials use Facebook, 46% use Instagram, 39% – Twitter and 27% – LinkedIn. It depends on us how we will use this data in our advantage.

Young travelers are also highly influenced by visual elements. They give a true meaning of the saying that one picture is worth a thousand words while a thousand words may go unnoticed.

Millennials are slowly but steadily growing group of travelers. In order to follow this trend we should make sure that our hotel is Millennial-friendly and attracts this type of customers. With the right online marketing strategy we can convince them choose us.

You’ve probably already noticed the new generation travelers – for them the internet connection is more important than the hotel room, they use their smartphones…