No matter if you are manager or owner of small family hotel or famous beach resort, the one thing you should definitely do for your online presence is to be on Facebook – the biggest social network in the world. With its 1,4 bln users in 2015 Facebook is the perfect place to connect with your previous and present guests and to attract new visitors.

But only running a Facebook page for your hotel is not quite enough in order to turn the social media in a profitable marketing tool. You need to create a good strategy for your online presence which should follow the 5 key Facebook trends for hoteliers. Here they are:

Visuals rule Facebook

If you should change one thing in your Facebook strategy, it is to add even more catchy visuals in your posts. Photos, galleries and short videos will become more and more important because of the huge information flows in people’s everyday life. Users are more attracted to visuals because their message is easier to convert.

Show what happens behind the scenes

Facebook is not exactly a promotion tool. You should not use it to only offer your products and services. You need to create deeper connection with your fans. You can do that with showing them what happens behind the scenes in your hotel. Show them that behind the virtual presence real people there are real people and real stories.

Don’t be afraid to pay Facebook

Facebook is showing less and less companies’ content on users feed in order to increase the quality of content and to stimulate paid content. In order to keep up with Facebook’s pace you shouldn’t be afraid to pay for promote your posts and reach broader audience.

The data shows that Facebook ads become more successful. There was a significant increase in CTR during the first quarter of 2015 – with 17%, compared to the previous quarter and with 260% compared to the first quarter of 2014.

Facebook reputation matters

Leaving hotel reviews on Facebook is easy. Furthermore, people love to share where they spent pictures from their holiday on the social network so it’s a great way to use their content in order to build a good reputation for your hotel. You can stimulate people to share photos on Facebook and review your hotel with a contest or a complimentary threat. That way your potential guests can see how well your guests spend their time in your hotel.

Quality over quantity

We can repeat this one over and over again and it will never get old. Newsfeeds are full of content and people are not attention on every post they see. You have to make sure you post quality stuff in order to engage users with your content.

The key to create a long lasting online relationship with your Facebook fans and turning them into real guests is in the right marketing strategy. The social network should definitely be part of your online presence but it should be developed in an engaging and thoughtful way.