Where do we publish?

Thanks to the technological advance of our time, we can reach the tourist in about a million ways. The best and most efficient of them, however, is the social media! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter alone, are being used by more than 2/3 of your potential tourism clientele.

How do we publish?

Creating a business profile and uploading some random information, however, is not by any means the end of it. In order to publish effectively, you need to be consistent, rapid and vivid! It is not only about getting the tourist’s attention with information, but also about showing them positive attitude. With our words we should not only show them affability but also respect. It is always a good idea to attract feedback.

What do we publish?

Text and vision are the two main components when it comes to creating publications. The text should be short and the meaning clear. You don’t want to confuse the reader or risk sending a wrong message. At the same time the information you give should be engaging. As for the visual material, it is essential to make it attention worthy. Whether it is a picture, collage, gif or a video you should be careful about colors and quality. Also, make sure that it is completely related to the verbal part of the publication.

When do we publish?

Even if we succeed to make the perfect publications it won’t do us any good without proper timing. It is important to be consistent. We should take notice of our posts’ engagement, thus, draw conclusions as to what is the best time of the day for us to publish. To do that we can use various kinds of instruments.

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