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When you own a hotel and you are trying to promote it on Facebook, there are several types of customers that you are after:

  1. Those that are looking for a room and find your hotel

You need to make your page as reliable as possible. You need to convince the people they can trust you. In order to do that you should show them that everybody loves you.

-Collect as many followers as possible. You can do that by creating “share” competitions, “like our page” games, lotteries. When you add a cool prize, you would be surprised how willing people are to give their likes and shares.

-Earn the “Very responsive to messages”. You can easily do that by simply replying as soon as possible. But you cannot just hire someone to stand there and watch over your messages 24/7. What you can do, however, is to set an automatic reply to your messages. Facebook gives you the amazing option to customize your replies anyway you like. You can even set it to automatically add the name of the person who is writing to you.


  1. Those who have already been in your hotel and followed your page afterwards

You are going to want to make those come back. Remind them of the good time they had with your posts. Engage them by asking them questions. Post videos. You can make sure that you reach them with your publications by using the “Reach” or “Engagement” objectives for your ads.  The more time they spend looking at your posts, the more you make them think of you.


  1. Those who are planning to come to your hotel eventually, heard about you from friends, or just like the things you are posting

The more of those you have, the better. Use the “Page promotion” option to collect fans. Facebook has amazingly augmented customization of audience for ads. When you are trying to attract new and potential clients, the “Lookalike audience” option is a perfect choice. Facebook uses information from the people who are already your fans and shows your ad to people who are friends with them, have similar interests or a near location.

There are various ways to use the tools of Facebook to attract clients for your hotel. However, beware that social media marketing is a tricky business! Facebook keeps changing their algorithms every day. Don’t run the same ads for too long. Post various content. Most importantly, keep analyzing your results and learn what works best for you. If you need any help doing that you can turn to us. We would be more than happy to help you or offer you partnership.

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